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Flowtech Egypt 2014, 11-13 May 2014, CICC, Cairo
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Flowtech Egypt 2014, The 2nd International Valves, Pipe Fittings, Fluid Machinery and Process Equipment Exhibition and Conference on 11-13 May 2014, at ‎Cairo International Convention & Exhibition centre (CICC), Cairo, Egypt.

Flowtech Egypt 2014 exhibits will be all kinds of valves manufacturers, Actuators & Control Systems, Valve related products, Pipeing related products, Testing, Valves & Pipe Fittings, Piping component, Pipe & Tube Fittings, Pumps, Fluid Machinery and Systems, Process Equipment, gas & petroleum services.

Flowtech Exhibition attracted more companies from Egypt and international valves, pipeline fitting fluid machinery and process equipment.

Flowtech Egypt 2014 will provide you with good platform in exploiting Egyptian market and seeking commerce opportunity! Flowtech Egypt 2014 can make sure that the exhibition will achieve greater effect and will making promotion of wide implantation of your industrial products.

The Conference is mainly aimed at demonstration of advanced developments in the domain of valves, pipe fitting and information technologies in industry and new opportunities for business development.
Flowtech Egypt 2014 Exhibition will provide you a platform to make valuable contacts in the growing Egyptian market.
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