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Hayan Petroleum Company, HPC, Syria

Hayan Petroleum Company (HPC) is an Operating Company of legal entity that was established subject to HPC contract of oil & gas exploration.their mission is to be a leading company in Syria and get satisfaction; efficient and reliable operations; High standards of safety, health, and environmental compatibility.
Hayan Petroleum Company executes development operations in oil & gas production field in the fields discovered by Croatian INA Company, in Hayan contract block (Jihar, Palmyra, Al Muhr, Gazzal, Al Mustadira, and Mazrur Fields). It follows up exploration operations in Hayan block, located in western Palmyra, in accordance with the Contractor exploration budget and program that approved by Syrian Petroleum Company. Presently, it works at (Al Mustadira and Mazrur fields), and develops (Jihar, Palmyra, Al Muhr fields) in Palmyra area via drilling developmental wells and preparing the wells drilled previously; in order to be on stream.
HPC set a plan for implementing the development projects in a/m fields according to the development plan approved to prepare the surface facilities required for connecting oil and gas wells, establish a gathering and transporting system for oil and gas products, and to connect such system with oil and gas lines existed in Syria.
Hayan Petroleum Company is PipesTec Industries' Pipe, Valves, Flanges, Pipe Fittings, Fasteners, Gaskets Customer in oil and gas segment in Syria.

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