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DEZPC, Syria

Deir Ez Zor Petroleum Company, DEZPC was established on 30/9/1990 as a Joint Operating Company as per the Service Contract ratified by the Law no. 27 of 1988 and signed between the government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC) on one hand, and TOTAL E&P Syrie (TEPS) on the other hand.
DEZPC, the Operating Company, carries out the execution, development and production works according to the most modern technologies and methods in the field of the oil and gas industry on behalf of SPC and TEPS.
Using of these modern technologies by DEZPC has helped building up, developing and qualifying the national staff as well as updating work methods and supporting the principle of optimizing the economics, while keeping high safety and environment standards, and that helps very much in having the international license ISO 14001 at the beginning of the year 2008. Along with the good industry practices and complete readiness of the oil facilities.

Deir Ez Zor Petroleum Company, DEZPC is PipesTec Industries'  Pipe, Valves, Flanges, Pipe Fittings, Fasteners, GasketsCustomer in oil and gas segment in Syria.

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