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Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) is a national organization wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Government, maintaining a separate legal entity, as well as complete financial and administrative independence. ADWEA has been incorporated by virtue of law No. 2 issued in March 1998 to replace the former Water & Electricity Department.
ADWEA is responsible for implementing government policy regarding water and electricity sector in the Emirate, including privatization of the water and electricity sector.
Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority supplies electricity and potable water to a population of more than 1.5 million in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, over an area of 67340 sq. km.
ADWEA manages the affairs of following wholly-owned subsidiaries responsible for different activities in the water and electricity sector

Al Mirfa Power Company - AMPC
Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company - ADWEC
Abu Dhabi Transmission and Dispatch Company (TRANSCO)
Abu Dhabi Distribution Company - ADDC
Al Ain Distribution Company - AADC

At present, ADWEA holds 60 per cent of equities in the following Independent Water and Power Produces

(IWPPs):Emirates CMS Power Company -ECPC
Gulf Total Tractebel Power Company - GTTPC
Shuweihat CMS International Power Company - SCIPCO
Arabian Power Company - APC
Taweelah Asia Power Company - TAPCO
Emirates Semcorp Water & Power Company – ESWPC
Fujerah Asia Power Company – FAPC
Shuweihat   S2

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