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Pipe Couping Fittings manufacturer PipesTec supplies Pipe Couplings, Tube Couplings, Coupling Pipe Fittings in kinds of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, plastic, PVC, etc.

Couplings Product List

Casing Coupling, N80, API 5CT, 5-1/2 Inch BC
ST 15 PC 03
China Casing Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Casing Couplings, Material N80, Standard API 5CT, Size 5-1/2 Inch BC.
Casing Crossover Coupling, API 5CT, N80
ST 15 PC 04
China Casing Crossover Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Casting Crossover Coupling, API 5CT, Material N80, 7"BC BOX x 5-1/2"BC 23PPF PIN.
Crossover Casing Couplings, N80, API 5CT
ST 15 PC 05
China Crossover Casing Couplings Manufacturer PipesTec Provides N80 Crossover Casing Couplings, API 5CT, G4-1/2"EU 12.75PPF PIN x 5-1/2"LC 23PPF PIN.
Carbon Steel Coupling, ASTM A105, 1 Inch, GAL
ST 15 PC 02
China Carbon Steel Coupling Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Carbon Steel Pipe Coupling, ASTM A105, 1 Inch, 3000 Screwed, Galvanized Surface Treatment.
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