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Crevice- Free Valves Control Valves from PipesTec
Posted: 09/23/2013 09:09:00   Edited: 09/23/2013 09:09:00  Clicks: 1928
PipesTec has designed a wide range of control valves to meet the requirement of preventing the possibility for bacteria growth applied in aseptic applications. And It is with traps and crevices free. The valve has got the ISO 9001 quality assurance systems certified and as well as the strict FDA standard.
Take the 3347 control valve for example, the polished steel parts allows the purest process medium. Special PTFE bushing and steam line connection are made to reach the purify requirement, in case of the bacteria spreading at the actuator stem guide.
Another high performance valve type is 3249. An EPDM diaphragm and a back-up safety packing box are the components to prevent the bacteria spreading as well as product leakage. The sealing systems, taking up the major proportion of valve components, are designed uniquely to extend the service life of the valve.
The 3347 type of valve from PipesTec has a cavity-free body, a diaphragm which is accessible in rubber, nitrile, butyl. The PTFE has played a big role as a seal and valve plug. The valve can excellently control applications which involve pasty, fibrous and highly viscous products.
With a wide range connection like hygienic couplings, flanges, welding end, and clamp connections meeting the ISO 2852 standard. The valve manufactured by it can be fit with a lot of applications.
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