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Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec supplies Industrial Gaskets, Flange Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Metal Gaskets, PTFE Gaskets. Custom Gaskets are available.

Gaskets Product List

Octogonal Ring Joint Gasket, SS316, 300LB, 4 Inch
ST 14 OJG 01
China Octogonal Ring Joint Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Provides ANSI B16.20 Octogonal Type Ring Joint Gasket, Stainless Steel SS316, Class 300, 4 Inch.
SUS 304 Spiral Wound Gasket, JIS 20K, 10 Inch
ST 14 SWG 07
China SUS 304 Spiral Wound Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Spiral Wound Gaskets, SUS 304+Asbestos, Pressure Rating JIS 20K, Size 10 Inch.
Asbestos Spiral Wound Gasket, Outer / Inner Ring
ST 14 SWG 08
China Piping Gasket Supplier PipesTec Provides Spiral Wound Gaskets with Outer and Inner Ring, SUS 304+Asbestos, 10 Inch (DN250), Pressure JIS 20K.
Carbonized Fiber Gland Packing, 6.4MM X 3.63M
ST 14 GGP 01
China Gland Packing Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Carbonized Fiber Gland Packing for Gasket Packing, Material Carbonized Fiber, 6.4MMX3.63M, 350Kg/Cm2.
Graphite Tape, 12.7mm X 15.2M, 440Kg/Cm2
ST 14 GT 01
China Graphite Tape Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Graphite Tapes, Carbon Gasket Tapes for Gaskets, 0.38mm X 12.7mm X 15.2M, Up to 440Kg/Cm2, 1650℃.
Soft Iron Ring Joint Gasket, Oval, 3/4 Inch
ST 14 SRG 01
China Ring Joint Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Soft Iron Ring Joint Metal Gaskets, Oval Type, Size R-13, 3/4 Inch, JPI 600 LB, HB 90 Hardness.
Non-asbestos Spiral Gasket, 24 Inch, 150LB
ST 14 NASG 01
China Spiral Gaskets Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Non-asbestos Spiral Gaskets for Piping System, Wall Thickness 3MM, Size 24 Inch, Class 150LB.
Soft Iron O-Ring Gasket, R24, 2 Inch
ST 14 SRG 02
China Soft Iron Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Soft Iron Gaskets, O-Ring, R24, Oval Cross Section, 900/1500 LB, ASME B16.5, Brinell Hardness 90.
Flanged RTJ Insulation Gasket, 900LB, 5 Inch
ST 14 IG 01
China Flanged Insulation Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Flanged RTJ Insulation Gaskets, Pressure 900LB, Size 5 Inch, Used for RTJ Flanges.
C4430 Klingersil Gasket, Synthetic Fibre, DN150
ST 15 KG 01
China C4430 Klingersil Gasket Supplier PipesTec Provides C4430 Klingersil Gaskets, Synthetic Fibre Type, Size DN150, Pressure 150 LB, Thickness 4.5mm.
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